The gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Alejandra Moros in Europe.

The works created for “Pierce, Push, Pull, Press” push the artist’s practice towards new limits. Continuing to explore the language developed so far, the artist seeks an immersive approach, similar to a representation under a microscope lens where the progressive and obsessive zoom gives an enigmatic representation of the subjects. Her hyper-realism becomes almost abstract: the trait is maniacal but it is difficult to decipher what it really represents.

Playing with this ambiguity, Alejandra finds an innovative language to deal with one of the most classic themes: the human body. The artist always represents very limited parts of it, abstracting them from the general context. This allows though to develop a multi-sensory approach to her works.

Challenged by the difficulty of understanding the subject visually, we can focus on the other sensations that the painting suggests: sometimes a sensual erotic ambiguity, but predominantly an approach that I would define tactile. An impulse to touch these bodies, their skin and the softness of their meatiness curled in the folds. It seems to perceive the damp of these hands, where only jewels give any clues to orient us.

As the title of the exhibition suggests, for Alejandra bodies are not a static or statuary subject. On the contrary, it is in dynamism that the body expresses its most real and carnal traits. In order to grasp these details, the artist asks her friends to move by playing with their bodies: pushing, attracting, intertwining. The photos and videos of these moments constitute then the material of inspiration for the artist.

Pierce, Push, Pull, Press. These paintings are alive.