21 SEPT – 02 NOV 2019


synergy s. f.

[from gr.συνεργία o συνέργεια, der. of συνέργω «cooperate» (comp. of σύν«together with» and ἔργω «operating»)]

Combined and simultaneous action, collaboration, cooperation of several elements in the same activity, or for the achievement of the same purpose or result, which results in a greater performance than that obtained by the various separate elements.

White Rainbow is to be the very first exhibition at G / A R T / E N, designed as a statement to present to the public the art space and its young model of an inclusive gallery.

Apparently an oxymoron, white is actually the sum of all colors.

From this concept, comes the curatorial decision to exhibit in a solo show the work of French artist Soumisha Dauthel, who perfectly represents the concept of White Rainbow with her exuberant compositions: a sum of colours, patterns and forms whose meaning resides in the synergic relationship of the individual painted fragments that compose them.

White Rainbow is in this sense also the motto of the gallery, which, in addition to the exhibitions, wishes to offer a programme of events and performances in the space, enhancing the concept of synergy between the individual artistic forms and actively involving the local public.

In the artist’s works each fragment has its own unique identity, but it is in the total composition in relation to the other individual fragments that it finds meaning. It generates within them a tension/attraction that constantly oscillates between the harmony and disharmony of colors and textures, until a state of compositional balance is reached. The final work itself is a shaped canvas with a unique form, different each time, determined by the individual fragments that compose it as a spontaneous result of the creative process.

The creative process of Soumisha is in fact patient and stratified. The artist initially creates the raw material of her works painting on canvas or thick absorbent paper. These are abstract and often repetitive patterns comparable to textures of a fabric or material palettes on which she intentionally leaves a trace of the act of painting and its intensity. Designs that reflect the artist’s fleeting state of mind, painted with spontaneity and without an ideaof future works.

In fact, Soumisha does not create preliminary sketches for her works. She is a woman who lets herself be guided by intuition and inspiration in the creative process. Especially in the most complex phase, the one she calls “connecting time”. That is, to cut out abstract forms and assemble them, seeking a dialogue between the different painted textures and their often contrasting colours, until they find harmony in their relationship.

The compositional result is complex, more or less plastic and more or less visually aggressive. The work bears within itself the traces of the physical and temporal stratification of the creative process, and offers to the public as many as possible layers of interpretation.

The curatorial interest is to propose an interpretative approach that emphasizes in a more general sense the potential of collaboration and synergy. To use the words of the philosopher Edouard Glissant, an important cultural reference for the artist:

“Every reality is an archipelago (..). Every identity exists in the relationship, it is only in the relationship with the other that I grow, without distorting myself.”